Graphite dies for continues casting of aluminium, copper

The process of continuous casting essentially is that of pouring molten metal into a graphite die, which is water-cooled. The metal then solidifies and is withdrawn from the die by means of take off rollers.

This process offers the advantage of non-stop production and also ensures optimum material quality.

When continuous casting with the die adjoining the melting chamber, two alternative procedures are possible:

  1. Casting with horizontal installation
  2. Casting with vertical installation

Advantaged of graphite are:

  • Low surface wetting by molten metals
  • High thermal and chemical resistance
  • Increasing strength with a rise in temperature
  • Good lubricating and frictional proper
  • Excellent resistance to temperature change
  • High thermal conductivity

Complicated parts with close tolerances can be  machined into required shape.


Grade Specific Gravity (-) Specific Resistance (μΩm) Young’s Modulus (GPa) Flexural Strength (MPa) Shore Hardness (-) *C.T.E (×10-6/°C) Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)
G330 1.79 13.0 9.8 39.2 53 4.8 104
G347 1.85 11.0 10.8 49.0 58 5.5 116
G348 1.92 10.0 12.3 63.7 68 5.5 128
G458 1.86 9.5 11.3 53.9 54 4.4 139